SPIDER Schedule for Spring 2004

Wednesdays, 4:00 pm, D344 LSRC. All are welcome

Presenters and Papers

Date Presenter Paper and Abstract
1/14 Cancelled Cancelled
1/21 Sara Sprenkle MS Defense: Using Leases for High Resource Efficiency in Resource Management. Abstract
1/28 Chris Dwyer Nanoscale Self-assembling Devices and Architectures. Abstract
2/4 Cancelled Cancelled
2/11 Vijeta Johri Second Year Research Project: Progress Talk: Layout Tools for Nano-Scale Circuitry. Abstract
2/18 Piyush Shivam, Aydan Yumerefendi
Second Year Research Project Progress Talks
Piyush: Using Models to Guide Resource Assignment and Provisioning for On-Demand Computing. Abstract
Aydan : Trust but Verify: Accountability for Internet Services. Abstract
2/25 Adriana Iamnitchi Infocom Practice Talk: Small-World File-Sharing Communities. Abstract, Paper
3/3 Jaidev Patwardhan ISPASS Practice Talk: Communication Breakdown: Analyzing CPU usage in Commercial Web Workloads. Abstract, Paper
3/10 No Spider Spring Break
3/17 Adolfo Rodriguez NSDI/ICDCS Practice Talks
Scalability in Adaptive Multi-Metric Overlays Abstract Paper
MACEDON: Methodology for Automatically Creating, Evaluating and Designing Overlay Networks Abstract Paper
3/24 Adam Silberstein, Hao He ICDE Practice Talks
Adam: NeXSort: Sorting XML in External Memory Abstract, Paper
Hao: Multiresolution Indexing of XML for Frequent Queries Abstract, Paper
3/31 Cancelled Suggested Alternative: ECE Faculty Candidate Talk
4/7 Alvin Lebeck FNANO Practice Talk: Circuit and System Architecture for DNA-Guided Self-Assembly of Nanoelectronics. Abstract, Paper.
4/14 Dan Sorin IPDPS Practice Talk: Using Speculation to Simplify Microprocessor Design. Abstract, Paper.
4/21 TBA TBA
4/28 TBA TBA

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