From 1977-1987, at first intermittently and then regularly, I played with Moonfire in Massachusetts (Amherst and Boston). We played an electric set and an acoustic set, ranging from bluegrass to blues.

Here are some MP3s of one of our acoustic sets, recorded in 1986.

Icon  Name                      Size  Title/Notes
[SND] 01-gravelin-old-man.mp3 3.4M Gravelin' Old Man and Cracklin' Old Lady [SND] 02-salt-creek-love-c..> 9.2M Salt Creek --> Love Come Home [SND] 03-coda-sultans.mp3 3.5M Ahhh... [SND] 04-black-and-tan.mp3 15M Black and Tan [SND] 05-columbus-georgia-..> 2.2M Columbus Georgia (part 1) [SND] 06-columbus-georgia-..> 4.1M Columbus Georgia (part 2) [SND] 07-pawn-shop.mp3 7.7M Pawn Shop [SND] 08-sultans.mp3 12M We are the Sultans [SND] 09-bid-you-good-nigh..> 9.5M Bid you Good Night

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