CPS 4 : Final Project

Final Presentation due by 5pm, Thursday, May 4, 2000

In groups of two or three, you are to write an applet that is a game a single person can play interactively on the computer. As a minimum, you are to build a web page that contains

You can add more bells and whistles for extra credit once you get these basic requirements working.

Choosing Your Game

For your final project, you may choose to implement one of the following two games:


In order to try to get this project done on time, you should work to the following deadlines.

  1. By Monday, April 24, you should choose your final project group your final project game - either email your choice to the professor or bring it to class on a slip of paper. On Monday, in class, we will break into groups and discuss the design of each final project. You should have thought about your game and come prepared with ideas and questions.
  2. By Wednesday, April 26, you should create a web page that explains the design of your final program. Specifically, it should describe the classes you expect to implement, what GP classes they need to extend, what data they need as variables (i.e., Velocities, Behaviors, Sequences, doubles, or other classes you have written) and how they will get access to them (i.e., passed in via parameters, created within the constructor, or by calling a function on another object). For each part above, you should include a brief explanation of the purpose of your decision, i.e., why you are doing it that way.
  3. By Thursday, May 4 at 5pm you should have made your project available from your CPS 4 homepage, following the guidelines above. Additionally, you must meet with the professor as a group to demo your project and discuss its details.  Plan on this demo taking approximately a half-hour --- everyone in the group must attend this demo.

Bells and Whistles

Once the basics are working, you may want to add some additional features for extra credit. Note that none of these will count unless the basic game is working.