Welcome to CPS 4!
Introduction to Programming

Spring 2000



A study of problem-solving and programming using the computer language Java. Students learn object-oriented techniques to construct programs using existing software components by solving a variety of symbolic and numeric problems. Students will also examine the social, educational, and ethical impact of computers on modern society.

This is a new course that will be taught in a new format! All class meetings will be held in an Interactive Computer Classroom containing 20 HP workstations where students will be expected to be active participants during in-class group exercises. 

This courses is not recommended for students who want to continue to take courses in the Computer Science Department; see the guide for choosing a computer science course for more information.


The computer science department at Duke aims to excel in education and research. To ensure that our courses fulfill the needs and expectations of students in our courses, students can submit comments anonymously about this computer science course. These comments will be read only by the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Teaching and Learning and the professor teaching the course. Our goal is to adapt the subject and delivery of our courses to meet student needs while maintaining our high standards. 

CPS 4 runs on your comments -- especially this semester while we are experimenting with both the course's content and format.  If you do not speak up, we will assume everything is fine, which may not be an accurate impression. So, please speak up.