CPS 006X, Pixmap Snarfing

If you're snarfing, use the pixmap project. However, you'll need to specify a non-default location for the project root directory. After starting the install process, and just before finishing, you'll get a dialog asking where to install the project. Here's a screen shot.


You must select the non-default directory, NOT the images directory, but the pixmap directory. Here's a screen shot of what you should select as the location of the install.


Copying on acpub System

If you're copying on acpub use the following:
 cd cps006x
 mkdir pixmap
 cd pixmap
 cp -r ~ola/cps006x/pixmap/*  . 

Note the -r option when copying to get a directory of images. Don't forget the trailing dot.

Non Duke Access

tar file of all project files

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