CompSci 18S, Spring 2011
Introduction to Problem Solving

Professor: Susan Rodger

  • Office: LSRC D237
  • Office Hours: Wed 1-2:30pm, Thu 1-2:30pm (or anytime for a quick question, I'm usually
    in Mon-Fri 8:30 til 2:30, sometimes later.)
  • Email:

  • Phone: 660-6595

Undergraduate TAs

You can email Liz and/or Megan to set up a time to meet with them about CompSci 18S or CompSci 6.

Course Meeting Time

  • LECTURE: Mondays: LSRC Room D243, 6pm-7:15pm


Web page

Many of the materials for this course (including this page) are available on

Bulletin Board

You should regularly read the BulletinBoard as it may contain announcements, hints, and information relevant to this class.


Most of the work in this course will be done in groups during class, but before or after class you may be asked to prepare some work that is individual. For example, you will need to maintain a web page for this course. Work that is to be done individually should be your own work.


Class attendance and participation is required for this course. Almost all the work is done in groups. You cannot participate if you are not in class.

classwork and class participation 70%
preclass work/homework 30%

Grading is done on an absolute, but adjustable scale. This means that there is no curve. Anyone earning 90% or more of the total number of points available will receive a grade in the A range (A+,A,A-); 80% = B, 70% = C, 60% = D. This scale may go down, but it will not go up.