CPS 108, Spring 2004, Battleship

Here's what originally appeared for the final battleship program requirements/due date:

The final battleship program will be due on February 16 at midnight. It should allow the user to play against the computer and to play against another user over a network connection.

User interfaces and network code will be supplied by Thursday, February 12.

February 16 Requirements

In judging this submission, we're looking for strong evidence that you've spent time developing a quality program with a good design. That doesn't mean the program has to run with a GUI, but doing that is great and compelling evidence that you have spent time developing a quality program.

Since you received the GUI late on Feb. 14, and because you didn't have a lengthy introduction to loop-less, event-driven programming using MVC, it's understandable that your program may not be fully functioning with a GUI.

However, since you had a meeting with a TA/UTA/Prof about your design, we're looking for progress made toward a robust, working version of a battleship game that meets the requirements set forth in the original assignment.

Although it's understandable that you don't have a fully-functioning program, your work should show effort and achievement if you want to demonstrate your programming and design capabilities.


You will turn in one more version of battleship. That version will account for up to 85% of your grade. However, you cannot earn an A for battleship without clear and convincing evidence with this current submission that you've put in time and effort and moved toward a good design.

Work put in now will make the final program easier to write. You can get up to a B- for your final grade turning in nothing now, but that will require a signficant achievement in a short amount of time for your final program. If you turn in something good now, you can earn an A, though this isn't guaranteed, for the final program.

What/How to turn stuff in

You must turn in a compressed-tar file, or a zip file, of your entire project (source only, no executables). Please make sure that you include a README indicating how many hours you worked on battleship and with whom you discussed your program.

 submit_cps108 battleship battleship.tgz
or, perhaps
 submit_cps108 battleship battleship.zip

To create a tar file, use this command --- add files or subdirectories you'd like to submit.

  gtar cvzf battle.tgz *.h *.cpp Makefile README images

To see what's in the compressed (that's the z-option to gtar) file use

  gtar tzf battle.tgz
To uncompress, you should use the command below, but don't do this into the directory you started with! Test this in a new, empty directory.
  gtar xvzf battle.tgz
You should tar, untar, then build to see if you can build just as we will when grading.


You can also turn in a zip file of your code.

No Extensions

This (penultimate) version of battleship must be turned in by 3:00 am Tuesday morning (late Monday) to receive any credit.
Owen L. Astrachan
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