CompSci 108
Spring 2010
The Software Studio

For each project below, your team should submit one version of all project materials that represent the team's effort electronically, using the directions available here, by the end of the due date (i.e., 11:59:59pm). Your team is responsible for ensuring that all files are turned in on time. Your team may submit its project electronically as many times as necessary, but only the files included in the last submission will be graded. Thus, you should always submit all your project files --- even if they have not changed since a previous submission.

Developing software is about more than just the code that makes the program run. Thus for each project you submit, you must submit the following additional materials:

In general, the code for each project must

In addition to the team's submission, each student must submit an individual project analysis after submitting the final version of the project that represents your personal reflections on the project.

Refactoring Projects

These projects are to be competed in pairs and focus on improving and debugging an existing program.

For each project, although a "complete" project should be submitted (documentation, testing, and working code), the deadlines represent three different parts to the programming process:

Team Projects

These projects are to be completed in teams of three or four and focus on developing clearly defined modules.

Final Project

This project is to be completed by the entire class working together in teams of three.



Each project submitted must be accompanied by a README file that includes: