CompSci 196
Spring 2011
Software for Mobile Devices

All projects must be turned in on the due date given. You are responsible for ensuring that all files are turned in on time. All documents turned in must include your name or team's name.

You should include only code, text, HTML, or PDF, and possibly image (gif or jpeg) or sound (.au or .wav) files. You are free to use any environment available to complete your work, however, you are responsible for converting it into one of the standard formats listed above (most current programs can save or print files to a variety of alternate formats).

Minor Projects

The goal for these assignments is to get up to speed building apps, and their capabilities, as much as possible before you will need to work on a real app. This is also a good time to experiment with features you think may be useful in your final app. Try to experiment both with interesting Views as well as Models, especially getting memory management right in Objective-C so you are not fighting with these issues later in the semester. I am not going to give you formal specifications in order to give you more flexibility, but if it is not working out, that may change. In short, the more time you can put in now, the better.

Project Milestones

To keep your projects on track, we will expect you to complete several milestones every two weeks during the semester by meeting with your client.