CompSci 196
Spring 2011
Software for Mobile Devices

Guest Speakers

Kevin Wright Kevin Wright - is the Program Director for IBM's Radical Process Simplification Initiative

Kevin has close to 30 years of industry experience in all aspects of the IT industry from semiconductors to IT infrastructure. He has served in a variety of Engineering and Business management positions within IBM and General Electric in all phases of the business. He has a diverse experience base of working in hardware and software areas from both the technical and business perspectives. He has an MBA from Duke serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Duke Masters of Engineering Management Program.

Kevin's talk focussed on technology marketing solutions, the skills thought leaders should possess, and the ability to flexibly adapt to rapicly chnaging environments. He also covered how to know your clients and assess solutions to their problems. He concluded the talk with a perspective on technology acceleration.

PDF of Kevin's PowerPoint

Tom Crichlow Tom Crichlow - is a web developer for Perkins Library at Duke University.

Tom is a Digital Projects Consultant/Web Designer at Duke University Libraries. I’ve worked with various portions of the Libraries’ websites since October 2005 and with the new Digital Collections system since October 2007. His contributions to the Digital Collections Implementation Team are focused on the contextual pages that provide some of the background information related to each digital collection. He meets with the collection sponsors and help them develop and present their content.

PDF of Tom's presentation

Francis Shepherd Francis Shepherd - is Senior System Engineer at Apple, Inc.

Creative markets consultant at a 1970's California dotcom. A virtual worlds explorer, lover of the arts, creative spirit, purveyor of memes.

PDF of Francis' presentation

Steven McClelland Steve McClelland - is a Sr. Principal Architect at Yahoo!

Steve joined Yahoo! in April of 2010 via the acquisition of Citizen Sports. At Yahoo! he manages identity, personalization, and reputation across Yahoo! properties. At Citizen Sports, he initially served as the company's chief architect, and then moved over to the product organization to drive product strategy and site design. He was previously with Interdimensions, a company he founded where he designed and architected a range of advanced products including online game engines, web publishing systems, web site registration systems, and personalization engines. Steve received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering from Duke University.

Steve will present a brief overview of product management. This should help the students understand how to effectively manage decisions within the team and how to organize in a way that allows you to both execute and communicate. I would also maybe like to do a quick exercise with each team to do a "product assessment" to show them how they might assess a project even before they start coding.

PDF of Steven's presentation

Anne Kallus Anne Kallus - is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Yahoo!

Anne Kallus is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Yahoo! A graduate of UCLA, Anne has served in the US Peace Corps and worked for several web startups, including, and She earned herMBA from Fuqua’s School of Business , specializing in Marketing Strategy. Anne joined Yahoo!’s Communications Product organization in 2007, managing Product Marketing for Yahoo!’s email and IM products. She recently returned from an assignment in Asia, where she managed the launch of a youth-targeted mobile product.

Invariably, a question that is often overlooked in developing products is whether there’s a target market for your app/product. Thinking through how and to whom you’re going to distribute your product not only increases the chances of your app being adopted, but can also improve the product itself. This talk will cover how to assess the market, identify your value proposition, and how to put a differentiated product in front of the right customer.

PDF of Anne's presentation

Derek RodriquezDerek Rodriguez - serves as a Program Officer at Triangle Research Libraries Network

Derek has worked in academic libraries as a systems librarian and IT project manager for 18 years. He currently serves as a program officer with the Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN), an academic library consortium which includes the libraries of Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, and NC Central, where he is responsible for supporting collaborative IT projects among TRLN members. He is also project manager for ‘Search TRLN’ (, a discovery application that supports information resource discovery and delivery within the consortium based on the Endeca enterprise search application ( He has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Duke University and a Masters in Information and Library Science from UNC Chapel Hill. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the School of Information and Library Science at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His dissertation is entitled “Developing the ‘Understanding Library Impacts’ protocol: a method for detecting and communicating academic library contributions to undergraduate student learning outcomes.” He also designed and teaches the course ‘Managing Information Technologies for Libraries.’ His teaching and research interests include academic libraries, assessment and evaluation, information technologies, and project management.

Derek's talk will focus on a review of best practices and approaches for software documentation for a variety of customer audiences including business user, developers, and end-users. We’ll also review approaches used in projects at the Triangle Research Libraries Network and examples from other projects. We’ll close the session with a discussion of documentation approaches that would be appropriate for the projects being completed in Computer Science 196.

PDF of sample jsp file from Derek's application that includes a brief descriptive header and then some inline comments. This is the master file that displays results lists in the application.