CPS 100, Fall 2002, Announcements

Saturday, October 26

Assignment 5 extended til Nov. 5. Instructions on how to work on PCs to do the assignment in Old Chem 01 are here.

Wednesday, September 18

Assignment 2 extended til Sep. 19.

note that your program works on one file and finds all the anagrams of words in that file.

If you can't submit a file because it is too big, then submit everything but that file and in your README file, tell us where that file is and its name. It should be in a directory that the group rodger:cps100 has access to.

Thursday, September 12

To download Emacs see:


To download F-secure, Xwin-32 look at the www.oit.duke.edu site

Wednesday, August 28

Tuesday, August 27

Monday, Aug. 26

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