CPS 100, Fall 2002 Lecture

What is Computer Science?

"What is it that distinguishes it from the separate subjects with which it is related?
What is the linking thread which gathers these disparate branches into a single discipline?
My answer to these questions is simple -- it is the art of programming the computer.
It is the art of designing efficient and elegant methods of getting a computer to solve problems, theoretical or practical, small or large, simple or complex."

C.A.R. (Tony) Hoare

Why is Programming Fun?

What delights may its practitioner expect as a reward?

First is the sheer joy of making things.

Second is the pleasure of making things that are useful

Third is the fascination of fashioning complex puzzle-like objects of interlocking moving parts

Fourth is the joy of always learning

Finally, there is the delight of working in such a tractable medium. The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thoughtstuff.

Efficient Programming

Course Overview

Search: Measuring Performance

Tradeoffs in Reading/Counting

Structuring data: readwords4.cpp

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