Using PCs to do Assignment 5

You cannot work in Teer to do this assignment as the browers there are old and do not work with JAWAA. To see the JAWAA animation you must have Netscape 6.0 or higher, or most Internet Explorer browsers.

There are several PC clusters on campus to work. I will describe how to use the PC cluster in Old Chem 01. Other PC clusters on campus may also work if they have the software installed below. Click here for a list of PC clusters on campus.

To use the PCs in Old Chem 01

You will need to start up X Windows to allow you to 
display Xemacs on this terminal and you will need to 
open a shell. In addition there is
some setup to do for X windows. Follow these steps.

1. Login using your acpub login and password. 

2. To start X, click on Start at the bottom left of 
the screen, then Programs, then select X-Win-32 and 
X-Win-32 again.

You should see X-Win-32 appear on the bottom of the screen.

3. To open up a unix shell, click on Start at the bottom 
left of the screen,  then Programs, then select 
F-Secure SSH Client. 
Make a note of the host name, it will be something like 
Login, and you should get a unix shell appear. 

4. To allow you to use Xemacs from your acpub account, 
you must do the following.

a. You must allow your computer to accept windows from 
the teer machine you are logged into. If you logged into, then you should:

  Click on Start, Programs, X-Win-32, X-Util-32

  Select Options, XHost, and under Add a host name. Type in:

  and enter it in, it should appear in the rectangle below.

b. There should be a white tag on the monitor saying something 
like P114, the number of the computer you are on. If it is P114, 
you would type the following in your unix shell:

     setenv DISPLAY

5. Now go back to your unix shell and cd to the directory 
you want to work in, and type: 

     xemacs &

The Xemacs window should appear and you should still be 
able to type in unix commands in the shell. 

6. Use Internet Explorer to see your JAWAA output. These 
PCs have an old version of Netscape, which will not show 
the animation. 

Please note, you must LOGOUT of the PC's or people will have access to your files. If you click on My Computer and the P: drive you can see your files.

TO LOGOUT, click on Start, then select Shut Down, then Log off.

Susan H. Rodger
Last modified: Sat Oct 26 11:30:50 EDT 2002