Is CompSci 4 the right course for you?

CompSci 4 is an introductory programming course for those who have never programmed before. If you have already taken a programming course in another programming language, then this course is probably not for you.

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Why learn to program with the tool Alice? This course is an introductory programming course using the tool Alice. Alice is a hopefully easy way to learn to program as it takes care of the typing for you in most cases, making it less likely for you to make a typing mistake. You may still make errors, but they will be errors you will see (a person turns to the right instead of the left). Alice also will be fun as you will be able to create 3D animations quickly.

I want to learn to program in Java, will this course help?
This is an introductory programming course so you will learn many of the concepts taught in an introductory programming course with Java. The difference is that we are using a different tool and different language to learn the concepts. They are the same concepts. When you finish this course, you should be able to pick up an introductory Java book and write a simple program in Java. You will not be an experienced programmer, but you will know the basics of programming. You will also be prepared to take CompSci 6 if you choose to take another computer science course.

How is this course different than CompSci 1? CompSci 1 focuses more on an overview of the field of computer science with just a little expose to programming. CompSci 4 is a programming course. You will get more experience with programming in CompSci 4 than in CompSci 1.

I took EGR 53, and now I want to learn Java. Is this course for me? No. EGR 53 is a programming course and covers many of the topics from CompSci 6, just in another language. If you want to take another programming course, consider taking CompSci 100E, a combination of CompSci 6 and CompSci 100 that was designed specifically as the next course after EGR 53 for engineers who want to learn more programming. This course uses Java.

Susan H. Rodger
Last modified: Fri Jan 14 16:01:33 EST 2005