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People will play a text-based adventure game. All participants can get randomly transported to new "caves" in which other people might live. What you do with the adventure is up to you. More details coming soon.

Consider Duke University, and the campus, as a model for the land, universe, locale, etc., of the game you'll develop. Players in the game will explore the universe (remember, this is Duke). They might visit the Chapel, or Cameron, or LSRC B101/Love Auditorium. A player might explore the steam tunnels, if they really exist. A player might be a first year student, or a physician, or a professor, or both a student and an athlete, or ...

Players in the game might be based on real people, i.e., you might be yourself. Or you can be an almagamation of characters, or you can do whatever you want for characters/players. Mine the facebook for friend graphs.

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