COMPSCI 108/Fall 2005


Welcome to Compsci 108, Software Design and Implementation. We meet MWF at 10:20 in D106, LSRC.

  1. Nov 9 Final Project

  2. Oct 15, APT, C++ problems MemberCheck and Anonymous required by Oct 23, Codebloat optional.

  3. Oct 13, Freecell Java Group Project up

  4. Sept 29, Take home exam/test code is out. You must submit this by midnight, October 5 (that's Wednesday).

  5. Revisions of nanogoogle I are due on October 7 (before Fall break).

  6. Sept 19, ExplorerTools is available. One submission only, due on Sept 29.

  7. Sept 9, Nanogoogle Part 2 is available. You work in groups of two, first submission for the group is due on Thursday, Sept 14.

  8. Aug 29, Nanogoogle Assignment is out. Work by yourself, due on Sept 5.

Owen L. Astrachan
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