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Date Topics and Lecture Notes
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Required Readings (from [CLRS] unless otherwise noted)
Tues, Aug 30 Overview of the course: Introduction to Algorithms
(SS) analyzing algorithms [PS]

[CLRS 1]
Thurs, Sep 1 Introduction to Algorithms
(JR) Models of Computation [PDF] [PS]
(JR) Computing Fibonacci Numbers [PDF] [PS]

Auxiliary notes:
(LA) Introduction to Algorithms [PS]

Optional notes:
(SS) Algorithm Design [PS]
[CLRS 1, 2]

[GKP 1.1-1.2]
Tues, 6 Asymptotic Analysis:
(SS) asymptotic notation [PS]

Auxiliary notes:
(LA) Growth of functions, summations [PS]

Optional notes:
(JR) Asymptotics and Recurrence Equations [PDF] [PS]
[CLRS Appendix A]

[GKP 2.5]
Thurs, Sep 8 Recurrence Equations:
(SS) recurrence relations [PS]

Auxiliary notes:
(LA) Strassen's algorithm, Master method for recurrence [PS]

Optional notes:
(SS) Example Problems [PS]
(SS) More Example Problems [PS]
[CLRS 4.0-4.2, 4.3-4.4]

[CLRS 28.1-28.2]
Tues, Sep 13 Lower Bounds on Sorting:
(LA) Lower bound in decision tree model, bucket and radix sort [PS]

Priority Queues:
(SS) Heapsort [PS]
(SS) Example heap problems [PS]

Optional notes:
(SS) Examples of Sorting Lower Bounds [PS]
(LA) Heaps and heapsort [PS]
[CLRS 6, 9]

[Baase, 3.4]
Thurs, Sep 15 Quiz over Asymptotic Notation and Recurrences  
Tues, Sep 20 Selection and Radix Sort:
(SS) Linear Sorting [PS]
(LA) Linear time selection, median lower bound [PS]
(JR) Deterministic Selection and Sorting [PDF] [PS]

Optional Notes:
(EU) Median and Order Statistics [PS]
[CLRS 9]

[Baase, 3.4]
Thurs, Sep 22 Searching:
(SS) Binary Search trees [PS]
(SS) Red-Black trees [PS]
(SS) Red-Black tree Rotation, Insertion, Deletion [PS]
(LA) Search trees, red-black trees [PS]

Optional notes:
(SS) Example Red-Black tree problem [PS]
(SS) Example Data Structure Problem [PS]
(LA) Augmented search trees, interval trees [PS]
(JR) Search Algorithms [PDF] [PS]
[CLRS 10, 12.0-12.3, 13]

[CLRS 13, 14]
[deBerg, 10.1]
Tues, Sep 27 Overview of Randomized and Average-Case Analysis:
(EU) Probabilistic Algorithms [PS]

Auxiliary notes:
(JR) Probability Theory [PDF] [PS]
Thurs, Sep 29 (LA) Quicksort [PS]
(SS) Introduction to Quicksort [PS]
(SS) Applications of Sorting [PS]

Auxiliary Notes:
(Littman) Sorting [PS]
(Littman) Analysis of Quicksort [PS]
(JR) Randomized Algorithms for Selection and Sorting [PDF] [PS]
(SS) Selection Sort [PS]
(SS) Examples of Quicksort Analysis [PS]

Old notes for this day:
Amortized analysis, Part II:
(LA) Hashing, Skip Lists [PS]
Treaps, Skip Lists, Shortest Paths [PS]
[CLRS 17]

[Kozen, 12]
Tues, Oct 4 Amortized analysis, Part I:
(EU) Amortized Analysis [PS]
(LA) Aggregate analysis, potential method, binary counter, dynamic table [PS]

Optional notes:
(DS) Amortized Analysis

Thurs, Oct 6 Quiz on Deterministic Sorting & Searching  
Thurs, Oct 13 Graph algorithms (Graph Definitions):
(EU) Graph Definitions [PS]
(SS) Data structures for graphs [PS]

(SS) DFS and BFS [PS]
[CLRS 22]

[CLRS Appendix B.4-B.5]
Tues, Oct 18 Graph algorithms (Depth First Search I):
(JR) Graph Algorithms using Depth First Search [PDF] [PS]
(LA) Model, basic algorithms, DFS, BFS, topological sort, strongly connected components [PS]
(SS) DFS and BFS [PS]
[CLRS 22]

[CLRS Appendix B.4-B.5]
Thurs, Oct 20 Graph algorithms (Depth First Search II):
(JR) Graph Algorithms using Depth First Search [PDF] [PS]
(LA) Model, basic algorithms, DFS, BFS, topological sort, strongly connected components [PS]
(SS) DFS and BFS [PS]
[CLRS 22]

[CLRS Appendix B.4-B.5]
Tues, Oct 25 Graph algorithms (Spanning Trees):
(LA) Minimum spanning trees, Union-Find [PS]
(EU) Minimum Weights Spanning Tree [PS]
(EU) Data Structures for Disjoint Sets [PS]

Optional notes:
(SS) Minimum Spanning Trees [PS]
[CLRS 23, 21.0-21.3]
Thurs, Oct 27 Graph algorithms (Breadth-First search):
(JR) Breadth-First Search of Graphs [PDF] [PS]

Optional notes:
(EU) Matching [PS]

[CLRS 23, 21.0-21.3]
Tues, Nov 1 Graph algorithms (Shortest Paths):
(LA) Shortest paths [PS]
(SS) Shortest path algorthms [PS]

(EU) Shortest Paths Problems [PS]
(EU) Bellman-Ford Algorithm [PS]
(EU) All-pairs Shortest Paths [PS]
[CLRS 24.0-24.3, 25.2]
Thurs, Nov 3 (JR) Flow Algorithms [PS] [PDF]

[CLRS 26.2-26.3]
Tues, Nov 8 Review Lecture on Graph Algorithms  
Thurs, Nov 10 Exam on Graph Algorithm topics  
Tues, Nov 15 External memory algorithms:
(LA) Model, basic upper and lower bounds, sorting, B-tree [PS]

Auxiliary Notes:
(JV) The Input/Output Complexity of Sorting and Related Problems
(JV) External Memory Algorithms and Data Structures: Dealing with MASSIVE Data [PS]
(LA) Lower bound on external sorting
(LA) External-Memory Algorithms
[CLRS 15.0-15.2]
Thurs, Nov 17 Design Paradigms:
(LA) Dynamic Programming, Matrix chain multiplication [PS]
(SS) Introduction to Dynamic Programming [PS]
(SS) Dynamic Programming applications [PS]
(EU) Dynamic Programming [PS]

Auxiliary Notes:
(SS) Example dynamic programming problem [PS]
Tues, Nov 22 Fast Fourier Transform and Algebraic Algorithms
(EU) Polynomials and the Fast Fourier Transform [PS]

Auxiliary Notes:
(JR) FFT and Multiplication [PDF] [PS]
(JR) Polynomial Computation [PDF] [PS]
[CLRS 30]
Tues, Nov 29 Number Theory:
(JR) Number Theory Algorithms [PDF] [PS]
[CLRS 31]
Thurs, Dec 1 Cryptography:
(EU) Cryptography [PS]
Tues, Dec 6 Approximation Algorithms:
(LA) Approximation Algorithms [PS]
(EU) Approximately Correct Algorithms [PS]

Auxiliary Notes:
(SS) Approximation Algorithms and Cook's Theorem [PS]
[CLRS 35]
Thurs, Dec 8 Exam on Dynamic Programming and Algebraic Algorithms  
Thurs, May 3 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Final Exam  

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