Compsci 100, Fall 2006, Assignments


  1. Jotto assignment due on Thursday, Sept 14.

  2. Linked List written assignment due on Sept 27 (Wed) by noon. Assignments turned in by Friday, Sept 29 receive no penalty, but will not be graded before the exam on Oct 3.

  3. Boggle assignment due on Sunday, Oct 15 (note, that week is Fall Break).

  4. Extra Credit TTT due on Sunday, Oct 29

  5. Animal/20 Questions due on Tuesday, Nov 7.

  6. Tree Written Assignment due on Tuesday, Nov 14 (test preparation) --- we'll discuss questions in class on Nov 9, be prepared.

  7. Huff Assignment due on Tuesday, Nov 21.

  8. Extra Credit II due on Thursday, November 30.


See APT page

  1. Any extra APTs can be submitting using aptextra

  2. Due on Thursday, Dec 7: SpreadingNews, Internet, Tourney, Circuits, GalaxyTrip (GalaxyTrip and SpreadingNews are extra), submit as aptgraph

  3. Due on Thursday, Dec 7: DrawTree, PositiveID, HuffmanDecoding, NumberLadder (NumberLadder is extra), submit as aptdec

  4. Due on Thursday, Dec 7: ClientsList, NameSort, TournamentRanker, ProgramSchedule (two required), submit as aptsort

  5. Due on Thursday, Nov 2: BST, Aunts/Uncles, MedalTable, FamilyTree (SameGame is extra credit, others required)

  6. Due on Sunday, Oct 15: WordLadder, All Word Ladders, RatRoute, NumberFill (only three required)

  7. Due on Thursday, Sept 21: SortedFreqs, Anonymous, Dirsort, Anagrams (only three required)

  8. Due on Thursday, Sept 7: AimToTen, FontSize, SandwichBar, ClassScores, SortByFreqs (only four required)

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