Compsci 100, Fall 06, Resources/Help


  1. Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel (online Java book)

  2. javadoc for JDK 1.5 (aka 5.0)

  3. Sun Tutorial on Scanner/split I/O

  4. More help on Scanner, Split, and Parsing

  5. javabat simple Java practice with if, loop, array, string problems.


  1. You should install Eclipse on your own computer. Or borrow a friend's machine. Or use a public machine on which Eclipse is installed.

    Instructions for installing Eclipse

  2. Install Duke/Ambient Plugin (required)

  3. Submitting assignments

  4. Setting Eclipse to use Java 5

  5. Snarfing assignments Use as the sites address.

  6. javadoc for JDK 1.5 (aka 5.0)

  7. Older tests from CompSci 100.

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