ASSIGNMENT 7: Frog Quest

Erin Yim

During the beginning of the game, a frog sits on a lilypad, but the frog is really a prince. The point of this game is to get the frog from the lilypad to the island and eat more than 5 ferns and hit no more than 4 rocks along the way. To play, move the frog by using the arrow keys. For example, pressing the up arrow would move the frog forward, pressing the down arrow would move the frog backward, pressing the left arrow would move the frog to the left, and pressing the right arrow would move the frog to the right. When the frog has reached the island, it has won if it has matched the previous criteria. Then the frog has to pick one of the girls on the island as its bride, and if it picks the right girl (ie. the one with the magical powers to turn the frog back into a prince), the frog is able to return to its prince self. Otherwise, it leaves, defeated.