CompSci 4 Fall 2008: Assignment #5

PART 1 Due: Tuesday, Oct. 21 - beginning of class
PART 2 Due: Tuesday, Oct. 21 - 11:59pm
PART 2 EXTENDED Due: Wednesday, Oct. 22 - 11:59pm

15 points

This is individual work. You may talk to other students in the course about your design and for ideas, but you are to write the complete Alice program by yourself. You may receive help from the Professor, UTA's or TA.

These parts must be done in order! (Part 1 first, then Part 2).

The Problem

The purpose of this assignment is for you to create an interactive animation of your choice. See the projects 1-3 at the end of Chapter 5 for ideas (pages 165-167), but feel free to create your own.

The animation must include the following features:

  1. Must include at least three classes, each with at least three class methods you have created. You methods must be meaningful (have a purpose) and have meaningful names that correspond to their purpose. (Do not count any methods you write for scene change).
  2. Must have at least five event handlers, at least two of them with parameters. (Chap. 5 Sec 2 discusses parameters)
  3. You must include at least two billboards (2D image) somewhere in your animation.
  4. Must describe in Alice how to interact with the animation. You could put instructions on a billboard, make instructions with 3D text, etc. The instructions should appear at the beginning and then disappear. Make sure there is a way to get them back (an event). Also make sure there is time to read them.
  5. Must include at least one scene change.
  6. The camera view should change at least twice (once may count as part of the scene change).
  7. The presentation must be nice. 20% of the grade is on presentation.
  8. Turn in your world on Blackboard and create an html page to show screenshots. (see below).

Part 1: Due Oct. 21 in class

Turn in a storyboard. You should have at least four scenes (and no more than 10) with a picture (sketch), list of objects and a written description of what happens in the scene. Note that an event storyboard includes scenes on events to describe what happens when that event is invoked.

Part 2: Due Oct 21, 11:59pm

Implement your design and create an Alice world. Be sure your animation has all the requirements listed above. Be sure to include comments in your code.

This part will be turned in two ways.

  1. Put your Alice world in a folder named assign5-LOGINID (where LOGINID is your Duke login). Create a text file called README.txt to include a comment with your name, how long you worked on the assignment and names of anyone you received help from. Include this file in your folder assign5-LOGINID.

    Zip the folder with the two files and turn in the .zip file on blackboard under assignments.

  2. Create an html page that has at least two snapshots of your world and a description of what happens in the world. Link to this html page from your CompSci 4 page. We will look for it on your web page.