AbstractAutoPlayer - Class in <Unnamed>
Augments AutoPlayer by adding abstract method for autoplayer.
AbstractAutoPlayer() - Constructor for class AbstractAutoPlayer
AbstractPlayer - Class in <Unnamed>
Supplies default implementation and state for a player.
AbstractPlayer() - Constructor for class AbstractPlayer
add(String) - Method in class AbstractPlayer
Add a word to this player's list of words, adjust score if word is new to this player.
add(Object) - Method in class ExpandableList
add object to end of list
add(String) - Method in class HumanPlayer
Add word if the word is in the lexicon and isn't a duplicate.
add(String) - Method in interface IPlayer
Add a word for the player.
add(String) - Method in class TrieLexicon
addActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class ExpandableList
Adds the specified action listener


BadAutoPlayer - Class in <Unnamed>
AutoPlayer that can't find any words.
BadAutoPlayer() - Constructor for class BadAutoPlayer
BadWordOnBoardFinder - Class in <Unnamed>
Cannot find any words on a board.
BadWordOnBoardFinder() - Constructor for class BadWordOnBoardFinder
BoardCell - Class in <Unnamed>
Encapsulate a (row,column) entry so that the entry can be hashed, compared, and stored as a single entry.
BoardCell(int, int) - Constructor for class BoardCell
BoardFirstAutoPlayer - Class in <Unnamed>
BoardFirstAutoPlayer(ILexicon) - Constructor for class BoardFirstAutoPlayer
BoggleBoard - Class in <Unnamed>
Represent a Boggle Board to play a game of Boggle.
BoggleBoard(String[]) - Constructor for class BoggleBoard
Create a square boggle board from an array of Strings/Cube faces.
BoggleBoardFactory - Class in <Unnamed>
Factory for generating boggle boards.
BoggleBoardFactory() - Constructor for class BoggleBoardFactory
BoggleGUI - Class in <Unnamed>
A GUI for the game of Boggle.
BoggleGUI(ILexicon, IWordOnBoardFinder, InputStream, IAutoPlayer) - Constructor for class BoggleGUI
BoggleMain - Class in <Unnamed>
Play a game of Boggle.
BoggleMain() - Constructor for class BoggleMain
BoggleScore - Class in <Unnamed>
BoggleScore() - Constructor for class BoggleScore
BoggleStats - Class in <Unnamed>
BoggleStats() - Constructor for class BoggleStats


cellsForWord(BoggleBoard, String) - Method in class BadWordOnBoardFinder
cellsForWord(BoggleBoard, String) - Method in interface IWordOnBoardFinder
Return a list of cells on the given board such that the i-th element of the list correponds to the i-th character of the string as found on the board.
clear() - Method in class AbstractPlayer
clear() - Method in class ExpandableList
clear() - Method in interface IPlayer
Clear state of a player, e.g., as in a new game.
col - Variable in class BoardCell
compareTo(BoardCell) - Method in class BoardCell
Returns value indicating whether cell is less than, equal to, or greater than this cell as determined first by row value, then by column value for cells whose rows are equal
computerPlay() - Method in class BoggleGUI
Let the computer player take its turn.
Cube - Class in <Unnamed>
Cube(String[]) - Constructor for class Cube
Construct cube from an array of strings where each entry of the array represents a face of the cube.
Cube(String) - Constructor for class Cube
Construct cube from string, each face of the cube is one character of the string, but "Q" is replaced by "Qu" in making a cube


doCount(TrieLexicon.Node) - Method in class TrieLexicon
doProcess(ProgressMonitorInputStream, ILexicon, String) - Static method in class StoppableReader
doStress(ILexicon) - Static method in class LexiconBenchmark
doTests(ILexicon) - Method in class BoggleStats


equals(Object) - Method in class BoardCell
ExpandableList - Class in <Unnamed>
Subclass of JList intended to grow as elements are added to the list (via the model, but that's not seen by clients).
ExpandableList() - Constructor for class ExpandableList
ExpandableList(int) - Constructor for class ExpandableList
construct an initially empty expandable list with specified # of visible slots


fillUp(TrieLexicon.Node, ArrayList<String>, StringBuilder) - Method in class TrieLexicon
findAllValidWords(BoggleBoard, ILexicon, int) - Method in class AbstractAutoPlayer
findAllValidWords(BoggleBoard, ILexicon, int) - Method in class BadAutoPlayer
findAllValidWords(BoggleBoard, ILexicon, int) - Method in class BoardFirstAutoPlayer
findAllValidWords(BoggleBoard, ILexicon, int) - Method in interface IAutoPlayer
Find all the valid words automatically, found words should be added via the IPlayer interface's add method.
findAllValidWords(BoggleBoard, ILexicon, int) - Method in class LexiconFirstAutoPlayer
fireActionPerformed(Object) - Method in class ExpandableList
Notifies all listeners that have registered interest for notification of action events.


gameOver() - Method in class BoggleGUI
getBoard(int) - Static method in class BoggleBoardFactory
Return a random board of specified size using the factory's BoardMaker.
getFace(int, int) - Method in class BoggleBoard
Return the cube face at specified location, this will be a one-character string, presumably, or "Qu" for a Q-cube.
getMonitorableStream(InputStream, String) - Static method in class StoppableReader
getName() - Method in class AbstractAutoPlayer
Return string "AutoPlayer".
getName() - Method in class AbstractPlayer
getName() - Method in class HumanPlayer
Returns name of this player.
getName() - Method in interface IPlayer
Return the name of a player.
getRandom() - Static method in class BoggleBoardFactory
Return the factory's random number generator, this helps ensure consist debugging or consistent play.
getRandomFace() - Method in class Cube
Return a random face of the cube, effectively "rolling" the cube and returning the value shown.
getScore() - Method in class AbstractPlayer
Return the player's score (as calculated via updates to the add method).
getScore(String, int) - Method in class BoggleScore
getScore() - Method in interface IPlayer
Get the score for this player, see BoggleScore for how scores are calculated.


hashCode() - Method in class BoardCell
HumanPlayer - Class in <Unnamed>
HumanPlayer(ILexicon, String) - Constructor for class HumanPlayer


IAutoPlayer - Interface in <Unnamed>
Add method for auto/computer player to the standard player interface.
IBoardMaker - Interface in <Unnamed>
Interface for creating a Boggle Board.
ILexicon - Interface in <Unnamed>
INITIAL_SIZE - Static variable in class ExpandableList
construct an initially empty expandable list with default # of entries (which is 8)
initialize(ILexicon) - Method in class AbstractPlayer
Make this player have an associated lexicon and initialize other state appropriately.
initialize(ILexicon) - Method in interface IPlayer
Initialize a player with a Lexicon which could serve this player for more than one game
IPlayer - Interface in <Unnamed>
A Boggle player must support the methods of this interface.
IPlayerView - Interface in <Unnamed>
isNeighbor(BoardCell) - Method in class BoardCell
Returns true iff c is a neighbor of this board cell; neighbor means adjacent horizontally, vertically, or diagonally (not self).
iterate(ILexicon) - Static method in class LexiconBenchmark
iterator() - Method in class AbstractPlayer
iterator() - Method in interface ILexicon
Return an iterator over all words stored in the lexicon.
iterator() - Method in class SimpleLexicon
iterator() - Method in class TrieLexicon
IWordOnBoardFinder - Interface in <Unnamed>


LexiconBenchmark - Class in <Unnamed>
LexiconBenchmark() - Constructor for class LexiconBenchmark
LexiconFirstAutoPlayer - Class in <Unnamed>
LexiconFirstAutoPlayer(ILexicon) - Constructor for class LexiconFirstAutoPlayer
LexStatus - Enum in <Unnamed>
Enum values for querying a lexicon and determining if a string is a word, is a prefix of a word, or is not a word (and not a prefix o