Compsci 100/100e UTA Information

Helper hours for CompSci 100/100e UTAs are in the The Link. The Link is of the on Lower Level 1 of Perkins Library. The UTA should be near the cluster of chairs between Group Study 7 and Classroom 4.

You can bring code on your laptop or have it accessible (e.g., via Ambient check-in & check-out) so the UTA can use another computer.

Regular Hours

Time Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.
6PM – 8PM Nancy Chen Ben McCormick Daniel Jeon Stephanie Chang Ga-Young Joung
8PM – 10PM Matt Prorok TBA Mark Elstein Nancy Chen Scott Brothers

Ben McCormick Caleb Vandenheuvel Daniel Jeon Ga-Young Joung Mark Elstein

Matt Prorock Nancy Chen Scott Brothers Stephanie Chang