Compsci 82, Fall 2010, November 1

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  1. Chris Poole (aka moot) did not denounce the group that pushed him to the number one slot in the Time 100 poll. He attended the dinner honoring the top vote-getters. Should he have taken a different course of action? Justify your answer.
  2. Suppose one of your Facebook friends is in the running for a national award with online voting. It might be for a top athlete, for a top student, for writing a great paper, for singing well, for best student band, for acting, or for something that might be decided by online voting.

    In online voting you discover that the site doesn't serve cookies properly, so it's possible to vote as many times as you want simply by turning off cookies in your browser. The terms of voting allow you to vote "as many times as cookies allow". Can you vote as many times as you can click and be ok with that? Justify your answer.

  3. Consider the previous scenario, but you have a friend who can write a javascript program that runs in a browser and votes 100 times a second. Is this ok? Justify your answer.