Compsci 82, Fall 2010, Torrent Project

Added on November 22

Can't find a torrent site? Download direct from here

There are three goals for completing this project:

For each and ony of these steps you can get the answers from someone else in the class, but if you do that you must indicate this when you turn in your answers. You might also find it harder to answer questions about using Bittorrent and Truecrypt if you don't do the downloading yourself. For the music identification there's no reason not to ask for help if you have neither a smartphone nor a Windows machine (unless we find a simple Mac solution).


Point your browser to and click this .torrent file. You download or open this using your Bittorrent client. We've verified that utorrent will work, likely other torrent clients will as well. You should be able to use the .torrent file and a torrent-client to download a file whose name will be 82encryptedstuff. To verify that you've downloaded it you record (or get this information from someone) the size of the file. You'll express the size as 10X.Y mb (megabtyes). You'll need to find the values of X and Y to verify that you've done this, and then enter these values on a Blackboard quiz. For example, if the file is 109.2 megabytes you'd answer X=9, Y=2. If the file is 106.7 megabytes you'd answer X=6, Y=7.

On a Mac you can find these values for X and Y by navigating to the file using a Finder window, then right-clicking on the file and choosing Get Info. The window that pops up will display the file's size and round it off to 100MB. But the real size will be 10X.Y if you round up as you should to one digit to the right of the 10X,WZV,ABC and round the Z digit to get 10X.Y for the answer. For example, of the file is 105,892,500, then X=5 and Y=9. In this case you round the 8 up for Y since Z is 9. If Z is 5 or greater round Y up.

On a Windows machine you can navigate to the file using Windows Explorer. Navigate to the download folder or wherever the file is, then right click and choose properties from the pop-up menu. The size of the file will be in the general pane, and you'll need to round the 10X.Y from 10X,WZV,ABC by rounding the Z digit up appropriately to get 10X.Y for the answer. For example, of the file is 105,892,500, then X=5 and Y=9. In this case you round the 8 up for Y since Z is 9. If Z is 5 or greater round Y up.


To access the contents of the 82encryptedstuff file you'll need to use the TrueCrypt program you download. There are three steps to access the files stored in the downloaded file 82encryptedstuff.

  1. Open/select the file using the buttons/menu to navigate to the 82encryptedstuff file. After choosing the file you'll need to mount the file. You select a drive/slot and click the mount button. You'll need the password which is below, one word, no spaces, all lowercase.

  2. When you've mounted the file it should appear as a virtual "drive" or "device". You click to open it and you should see three files: encrypted.txt, readme.txt and identifymusic.wav.

To verify that you've done this, open the .txt files and you'll find a secret word in each file. Write these down and enter the words in the Blackboard quiz for this project.

Identify Music

You'll need to try to identify the track and artist for this musical track. This part is "extra credit" in that if you don't have a smartphone or a Windows machine it may be difficult to do this part of the assignment. You can get the answers from other students or seek help on this part of the assignment. You'll enter the artist and track online via Blackboard.

Help in General

You can get help from other students, but you likely won't have the same experience or be able to answer other questions if you don't actively help in the download and decryption process. If you work together with someone, that's fine. It's ok to simply get the answers from someone, but that's an easy solution.