CPS 100, Spring 2004, Assignments

  1. Jan 8: Introductions Assigment is due Monday, January 12

  2. Anagram Part I is due Friday, January 16

  3. Anagram Part II is due Wednesday, January 28

  4. DNA is due on Monday, February 9. You can work with a partner, but we'll assign partners at random. We'll take all people who want to work with a partner, and assign partners at random.

    If you want to work with a partner you should submit a README file indicating you want to work with a partner.

      submit_cps100 partner README

    You can submit a README from Eclipse or from acpub/Unix machines. If you change your mind, submit another README indicating you don't want a partner, we'll use the last submission to determine if you'll be partnered.

    We will assign partners on Monday, February 2, at noon, so you must submit before then if you want a partner. If you're assigned a partner, you must work with that person. Each person will be asked to evaluate the partnership and this evaluation will be factored into your final grade for the DNA assignment.

    If you work by yourself, you can talk to people about the assignment at a high level, and you can get help with coding questions as usual, but your work should be substantially your own.

  5. written linked list assignment is due on February 5.

  6. Extra Credit Tree Programming is due on February 23.

  7. Written Trees due on March 5.

  8. Animal/20 Questions due on March 5.

  9. PQ/Worst-fit due on March 22.

  10. Huff Compression due on April 16.

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