CPS 100, Spring 2004, Anagram Part I Snarf

You'll be using these source code files (and a Makefile).

If you're using Eclipse, snarf the anapartI assignment (e.g., from http://www.cs.duke.edu/courses/spring04/cps100/snarf). If you're programming with xemacs/command-line in Unix, copy the files using the commands below.

You'll need to specify the correct path to the data file at the top of the programs that read files --- this is different when using Eclipse and the Unix/command-line compiler.

In your cps100 directory (created when you ran the setup script), you should create an anapartI directory to work in. You'll then copy files into this directory to help you get started. That is, type the following unix commands from your account after you login (don't forget the trailing dot on the last line).

 cd cps100
 mkdir anapartI
 cd anapartI
 cp ~ola/cps100/anapartI/*  . 

Note that the last line has a dot at the end.

After you execute these commands, if you type pwd and ls you should see the name of the directory (which is anapartI) and, after typing ls, the names of the files you copied which are given above.

Owen L. Astrachan
Last modified: Thu Jan 22 12:17:20 EST 2004