CPS 296.1
Introduction to Computer Vision
Spring 2005

Course Mechanics


There will be between four and six homework assignments. All homework is to be done individually under Duke's honor code. Homework is the only evaluation vehicle. There is no exam. 80% of the grade will come from homework, the rest form class participation.

Homework is due at class-time on the day indicated; submitting homework later in the same day will be considered late. Late homework and project work gets a 5% penalty per calendar day of delay. This includes Sundays, holidays, etc.; so if an assignment is due on a Thursday and you hand it in on Monday, then the penalty is 20%. Please submit homework either in class or by email. Please do not rely on mailboxes or on sliding homework under office doors.

Reading, Required Material

If a topic covered in class is discussed in the textbook, that part of the book is automatically required reading. In addition, handouts may be provided occasionally. All handouts, including homework assignments, are required reading. Other books referred to are optional reading, unless pages from them are handed out in class.

Handouts and Course Information

Electronic access will be used as much as possible. Whenever possible, handouts will be in electronic form. To obtain them, use your favorite net browser to access the class home page. This page contains notes, pointers to software and images, and anything related to this course. Please put a bookmark to this page in your browser, so you can access it easily in the future. Remember to refresh your page if your web browser does not do so automatically.

Computers and Software

If you are taking this class, you need an account on a computer that has Matlab (with the image processing toolbox) and a C compiler. All Unix machines listed on the OIT Lab Web site run this software. Please contact OIT if you encounter problems with access to these machines.

The software for everybody's homework will be written either in Matlab, or in C/C++. Matlab will be used for simple, exploratory work. It is ok to look up software on the web for inspiration in homework. It's even OK to download and use the software, but usually it will be easier for you to write homework software from scratch. Please look at the resource page of this course for pointers to software. In particular, several software packages related to computer vision are available on the software page of the CMU Computer Vision Page. A good way to start is to use Intel's OpenCV library, also available as a local download.

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