CPS 49S Freshman Seminar
Google: The Computer Science Within and its Impact on Society

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The fourth and last assignment is available here. This assignment is due on Sunday 4/20 by midnight.

Assignment 3 is due on Friday 4/4 by midnight. You have to write a short article about old and new advertising models on the Web, and also discuss these models with respect to the four players involved: advertiser, Google, user, and attacker. (Attackers are the people who commit fraud.)

The second assignment is available here.

  • This assignment is due on Friday Feb. 29 by 5.00 PM. You should create a web page containing your answers and upload the page to your Duke personal web space as per the instructions available here. Email the URL of the web page you create to the instructor. Don't forget to test using a browser that the URL you send is valid, and that your web page shows up properly.
  • Note: the web page that you create for the homework should include HTML only. Do not, e.g., include pdf or Microsoft Word documents on this page.
  • Exercise 1 is available here.

    The first assignment is available here.

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