CompSci 89s: Teaching with Robots
(Spring 2010)

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Assignment 4: The Avoider

Due: Monday, February 22. Writeup due on the following Wednesday.

Your robot will be placed in a bounded arena with obstacles.

Avoid unknown obstacles:
Given unknown placement of obstacles (boxes of various shapes and sizes and walls), your robot must try to avoid the obstacles. Your robot will be placed in an arbitrary place in the "arena" and it should be able to find its way out of the enclosure of obstacles. We should be able to pick it up at any time and move it to another place or direction and it should still function.

If neither bump sensor has been activated for 6 seconds, then you should assume you have cleared all obstacles, and the program should shut the motors off and terminate. When unobstructed, your robot must move at least at 10 cm/s.

Move towards bright light/open space:
When you are not in contact with a wall, you should move towards a bright light or space as fast as possible.
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