CompSci 89s: Teaching with Robots
(Spring 2010)

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Assignment 1: Dead Reckoning

Assignment 1: Dead Reckoning

The goal of this project is to build a robot and have it follow a predetermined path as precisely and quickly as possible.

Constructing your robot

Follow the instructions to build a robot model. Below are possible options. Install LEGO Digital Designer to view LDD models.
  • Brookbot 1.0 (LDD)
  • Brookbot 2.0 conversion (LDD)
  • Taskbot
  • Robot Educator Model

    Answer the following questions:

    1. How long did it take you to build your robot? How long would it take a team of 4 middle schoolers?
    2. Were any steps ambiguous or unclear in some way?
    3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this construction in comparison to the Taskbot.?


    Your robot needs to move counterclockwise in a square from its starting position and return to its starting position. The left wheel should trace a square that is 11 inches on each side.

    Extra Credit: Make it through the maze in North 311, starting at the the green room and stopping at the white panel in the red room.


    • Progress towards the goal is most important, but time will be used to break ties.
    • After the starter's verbal command, you should start their robot and the timer will start.

    What to turn in

    You will submit materials on Blackboard under the Assignments section.
    1. Demonstrate prior to class oj January 21
    2. Writeup: Due by 5pm on 1/25
      • Check the standard writeup guidelines
      • Answers to the above questions
      • This writeup should also describe any hurdles you overcame in:
        • Constructing your robot
        • Programming your robot
    3. Your code.
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