CompSci 89s: Teaching with Robots
(Spring 2010)

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Mentoring Reflection Journal

After each mentoring session, each of you should make an entry on the Journal Blog on Blackboard.

Each entry should give an assessment of your visit. Your entry should address each of the general points below, but you do not need to attend to each of the specific questions listed each week. The questions are given as a framework to guide your reflection.

  • Description of the mentoring session
    • Which students attended? Was anyone late or did they have any problems?
    • Describe your activities. What happened? What parts of the lesson plan did you complete?
  • Interpretation of mentoring session
    • What is your interpretation of what you saw or experienced?
    • What observations did you make? What stood out this week? Why?
    • What are your comments and reactions about what you saw? What assumptions on your part affected those observations?
    • After reviewing the students' worksheets, what is your impression of their knowledge, skills, and background? Does anything from the worksheet surprise you?
  • Connection to class
    • How can you apply what you are learning in class to better understand your experience? Did you feel technically prepared to work on the project?
    • How have the discussions from class about teaching and mentoring helped in your interaction with the students? How did your experience compare and contrast to that described in class discussion and readings?
  • Feedback on lesson plan and worksheets
    • What worked and what didn't in the lesson plan?
    • What could be improved?
  • Future sessions
    • Based on your experience this week, what projects or activities should be included in the lesson plan for next week?
    • Are there specific topics that need to be addressed in later lessons? These topics could be areas of expressed interest for the students or areas where there is some need for reinforcement.

Journal entries are due by 4pm on Monday after each after school mentoring session.

After Monday, you should comment on at least two other mentors' posts. In your comment you can talk about common experiences or give advice on how to address problems raised in the entry.

Comments are due by noon on Thursdays.

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