CompSci 89s: Teaching with Robots
(Spring 2010)

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Assignment 2: Line Following

Assignment 2: Line Following

The goal of this project is to build a robot that can follow a dark line on a white mat.


  • After the starter's verbal command, your group should start their robot and the timer will start.
  • You should assume the line will curve gently. Specifically, the radius of curvature for all turns wil be at least 10cm.
  • Your group can give resets, but the first reset will give a 10 second penalty and future resets will double (i.e. reset #1 - 10 s. penalty, reset #2 - 20 s, reset #3 - 40 s, ...).

What to turn in

You will submit materials on Blackboard under the Assignments section. There should be one submission per team.
  1. Demonstrate at class on 1/25
  2. Writeup: Due by end of the day on 1/27
    • Check the standard writeup guidelines
    • This writeup should also describe any hurdles you overcame in:
      • Programming your robot (e.g. adjusting the tolerances for detection of light vs. dark)
      • Constructing your robot (e.g. making effective housings for the light sensors)
  3. Your code.
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