CompSci 89s: Teaching with Robots
(Spring 2010)

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See the notes directory for pdf and powerpoint versions of the slides used in class.

Readings listed on the calendar should be completed before class on the day indicated. See the assignments page for more details on the specific papers and books.

The calendar will be posted later.

Date Topic Reading due Classwork Mentoring Materials Assignment
13 Jan Overview First Day of Classes Brookbot building instructions (LDD) with 2.0 conversion (LDD)
DPS Volunteer Form
OSL Guidelines
14 Jan LEGO NXT Construction Perdue: Skim Ch. 1-6, Read Ch. 7
NXT User Guide
Assign 1: Dead Reckoning
21 Jan NXT-G: Simple sensing Perdue: Ch. 8
NXT Tutorial
notes Assign 2: Line Following
Gearing worksheet
25 Jan NXT-G: Tasks, Variables, and Abstraction Calibration chapter from LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT-G Programming Guide Assign 3: Color Following
28 Jan NXT-G Control Structures
1 Feb Test
4 Feb Workshop @ DSA Mentor Guidelines
Reaching & Teaching Students
Critical Thinking and Robotics
Behavior Expectations & Consequences
First-Day Icebreakers
8 Feb Reflection & Planning Assign 4: Avoider
11 Feb Workshop @ DSA
15 Feb Robot Design Motifs Assign 4: Avoider
18 Feb Workshop @ DSA
20 February Science Day @ Duke: Robot Construction Party
22 Feb Designing effective lessons
25 Feb Workshop @ DSA
1 Mar NXT-G to RobotC Line Tracking lesson
RobotC Line Follower
4 Mar Workshop @ DSA
15 Mar Creativity RobotC Lessons
RobotC Reference
18 Feb Workshop @ DSA
22 Mar Competition preparation
25 Mar Workshop @ DSA: Dress Rehearsal
27 March Science Day @ Duke: RCJ Exhibition
29 Mar Competition reflection Engineering Competitions in the Middle School Classroom: Key Elements in Developing Effective Design Challenges
1 Apr Robot inventory
5 Apr Adopting a classroom? NC Standard Course of Study for Mathematics ( Grade 6, Essential Standards) Common Core State Standards for Math
Competition Reflection
12 Apr
19 Apr Adopting a classroom?
26 Apr Guest visit from Teacher Perimeter lessons
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