Compsci 06, Spring 2011, Test 2 Redux

These questions can help improve your score on the second test. You cannot hurt/decrease your score.

You do not need to do all the problems given below, you can do as many as you'd like -- the points for each problem are given below.

You can use any books, notes, or information you find on the Internet, but you cannot communicate with anyone about these questions except for Prof. Astrachan. That means you should not talk with anyone in the class, or with a TA/UTA, or a friend, enemy, etc.

You can review and post qeustions to the class discussion board for help/questions, but please take care to make the questions general, e.g., about the questions you're given rather than how to do them.

Except for the APT you should not write any runnable/executable Python code for these questions. That means you should not test your solutions in Eclipse, but write them on paper or in an editor (e.g., Micrsoft Word, Googledocs, Textpad, etc.).

Any points you earn can increase your score, the lower your test score the more you can increase it, but you won't go from a D to an A based on your work here.

You must print and turn in hard-copy of your answers to Prof. Astrachan or drop them in his office before 8:00 am on Thursday, April 26.

You are encouraged to write the APT answer on paper and not to code it. You'll get lots of partial credit, and coding it can take a while -- the APT will earn partial credit for being close on paper without running. Getting the code right in the APT testing framework will likely take longer than the points you'll earn.