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Welcome to CompSci 100e, Program Design & Analysis II.


  • Apr 22: Submit any outstanding issues you have with grading (e.g. possible grading errors, assignments for which you had made special arrangements, etc.) by submitting issues.txt to assignment name issues.
  • Apr 8: Assignment 5: Huffman Coding posted. Turn it in by April 21 for early bonus, April 25 for on time, and April 27 for any credit.
  • Apr 12: Extra Credit assignments: Tic-Tac-Toe & Contest Problems posted due on April 27
  • Mar 30: Assignment 4: Boggle posted due on April 7.
  • Mar 23: Written Assignment: Linked Lists & Trees posted due on March 31
  • Mar 16: Assignment 3: Percolation posted due on Mar. 25 (updated).
  • Feb 23: Written Assignment: Analysis posted due on March 3
  • Feb 9: Assignment 2: Markov Text Generation posted due on Feb. 17
  • Feb 2: Update: Natural Prestidigitation now due on Feb. 8
  • Jan 26: Assignment 1: Natural Prestidigitation posted
  • Jan 14: Complete Assignment 0: Introductory CompSci 100e Survey on Blackboard before class on Friday, January 21.
  • Jan 14: First day of lecture.
  • Jan 12: First day of lab. See Lab 0 for details.


Many lecture slides, assignments, and other instructional materials on this site are either derived or taken directly from the Computer Science Education Group at Duke; Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne; Paul Hilfinger; and Nick Parlante.

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