Compsci 182s: Technical and Social Foundations of the Internet (Spring 2012), Case Studies

The readings identified by Section 2 for the case studies are posted here.

Details of the Case Study

Each group must choose a case from the areas/topics listed below. A case is an event, like Arab Spring or Megaupload takedown, but could be something bigger like the Personalization gets physical and temperamental article. We have listed four such cases under each topic, e.g., the Arab Spring is a case to be used for Politics and Technology at Conflict and Ramnit goes Social is a case for Hacking: Evolution and Implications.

You can choose one of the cases we've listed, or you can find and then develop another case. For case discussion between 20th Feb and 29th Feb, you should find three to six readings: newspapers, blogs, and scholarly articles that are relevant to the ethical, legal, and technical components of what you're studying with the case. You also need to formulate three to five questions that touch on many of the the concepts we've studied: Internet protocols and governance, IP and IP, cybercrime and cyberwar, anonymity and privacy, crowdsourcing, Internet economics, e.g., Google and Facebook. You are required to submit a case summary that provide background information on the case. You can use one of the readings you identified for your initial case summary. However, do provide references for other readings. We will bring hard copies of your case summary and distribute them to the class. You will lead the discussion in the class based on your readings and the questions you formulated related to the case.

List of topic/areas and some example cases:

1. Politics and Technology at Conflict

(Example cases include: Arab Spring or SOPA or ACTA or ...)

2. The Tussle Between Privacy and Personalization

(Example cases include: Google Privacy changes or Location based services such as Foursquare or ..)

3. Hacking: Evolution and Implications

(Example cases include: Slammer or Ramnit or ..)

4. Wireless Internet: Sustaining the Benefits and Coping with the Costs

(Example cases include: AT&T speed throttling or Google Fiber Project Inititative or ..)