Compsci 182s: Technical and Social Foundations of the Internet (Spring 2012), Readings

Free/online books we'll use in the course. Other readings will be linked here as well.

Record paper responses for each paper you read before 8am Monday of the accompanying discusson week.

Rate peer responses before 3pm Tuesday of the accompanying discusson week.

January 09-20

Internet Background

January 23-27

Internet Governance and Protocols

January 30-February 3

Copyright, Patents, DMCA, Open Source

February 6-10

Cyberwar, Cybercrime, Malware

February 13-17

Technical Topics

February 20-24

Case Studies

February 27 - March 2

Case Studies

March 5-9

Spring Break

March 12-16

Anonymity, Privacy, Cryptography

March 19-23

Google and Facebook

March 26-30

Final Project Proposal Presentations

Internet Censorship

April 2-6


April 9-13

Final Website Presentations on Technical Topics

April 16-20

Emerging Internet Concerns

April 23-27

Big Data and Cloud

Final Project Presentations