1.  Discussion board - You can ask questions here.  Other class members and I will be checking the forum, and we will help you out.
  2.  Game engine - This is the Java game engine (written by Jam Jenkins) we will be using to make our games.
  3.  Game engine documentation - This is the documentation (or "API") for the game engine we are using. It gives descriptions of all the classes in the game engine and their member methods and variables.
  4.  The Applets Lecture - How to put your game online using the <applet> HTML tag.
  5.  Resources from Last Semester (Sounds and Images) - Some useful sounds and images to use in your game; from last semester’s CS 4 class.
  1.  Eclipse - (PC/Linux/Mac) An IDE (Integrated Development Environment), for editing and compiling Java programs.
  2.  Ambient - (PC/Linux/Mac) The Eclipse plugin which allows you to snarf and check in/out your code.
  3.  JDK 5.0 - (PC/Linux) Java Development Kit, update 6.
  4.  JDK 5.0 (PowerPC Mac) or JDK 5.0 (Intel Mac) - (Mac) Java Development Kit for Mac OS 10.4, release 4.
  5.  Cyberduck - (Mac) An SFTP client (file transferring with SSH, like F-Secure).
  6.  Duke OIT Software - (PC/Mac/Linux) Lots of stuff that's not usually free (like Mathematica, etc.), but it is if you are a Duke student.