Classwork 5

Bounce Game
Write a Java program that allows the user to play a game against a bouncing ball. The exact details of the goals of the game (i.e., how to win or lose, and how the score is kept) will be up to you, but it must include a bouncing ball as the protagonist.
For example, Pong (named after its distinctive sound) is generally considered the first popular computer game. It was developed by Atari in 1972 and had only two instructions: deposit quarter and avoid missing the ball for high score. It was an incredible hit and marked the beginning of the "arcade revolution". A description of this first arcade game is available here.
During this week, we will add the following features to the game:
    •    a "ball" (i.e., sprite) that bounces off the "walls" (i.e., edges of the game window) always staying visible within the window
    •    a score, and its on-screen representation, that keeps track of some aspect of the action within the game (initially, how often the ball bounces off the walls)
    •    an obstacle that to which the ball reacts when they intersect
    •    a sprite that is controlled by someone using the keyboard (initially, using the keys w, a, s, and d to move the sprite up, left, down, and right, respectively)
    •    additionally, you might add either randomness, images, or sound to your game
Your final game should have at least the basic elements given above and have some condition for winning or losing (or both).
Submitting your work Electronically
When you are finished, you should submit your project for grading and update your course web portfolio.