Final Project Proposal
due in-class July 27, 2007
The first part of your final project is a proposal that outlines the design of your game and your plan for implementing it. Your team will present the game design during class on July 27. The purpose of this presentation is to solidify your ideas to the point you can explain them, develop a plan to implement your game, and to receive input from the class on your ideas and plan. All team members must be present on the day of the presentation and must be able to answer questions about the proposal.
Develop a web page, linked into your course web page as your Project page, that serves as the basis for an in-class 5 minute presentation with the following parts.
Game Overview
Describe in one paragraph the theme and structure of your game. If the overview of your game takes more than 500 words, your game is probably too complicated.
Game Design
Describe about the parts needed to implement your game, including at a minimum
    •    Sprites needed in the game
    •    Trackers needed in the game
    •    What happens upon collisions
    •    How score is kept
    •    The levels of the game
    •    Resources (images, sounds, etc.) needed in the game
    •    How the game ends (both winning and losing conditions)
Prioritize Game Features
Describe your game in more detail than in the game overview.  Specifically, categorize the aspects of your game that are essential to making the game functional and other aspects which would be nice, but are not necessary. It should be clear from your description what parts of the game you are near 100% sure you can complete. If you do not think you can complete the basic game with a couple days to spare, reevaluate your game and try to come up with some ways to simplify the game.
Possible Enhancements
Describe what you could do to make the game better, if you have extra time at the end of the semester. Be sure to prioritize by the difficulty of the enhancement and its added benefit.