Final Project
Presentation: in class on Wednesday, August 8, 2007
in Soc. Sci. 229
Web page and Eclipse submission: by 11:59:59 PM on Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Presentation Requirements
You have done the hard work creating the game, now it is this is the fun part -- the chance to show off your game to the class!  Since there are 8 groups and about 80 minutes of class time, each group can have 10 minutes to demo their game.  During your demo, everyone in your group should have a chance to speak about some aspect of the project.  Your presentation should focus on the functionality and playability of your game, but if you need to fill the time, you can also talk about the things on your project report web page.
All members of your group must be present and have an active role in the presentation.
Web Page Requirements
Your final project report web page should focus on the design and programming of your game. Your project web page should include the following parts:
  1.  A link to your playable game (of course)
  2.  Names of all members
  3.  Reference to your original project proposal
  4. -  Does your game have the basic functionality described?
  5. -  How many and which enhancements were made?
  6.  What were the hardest parts of implementing the game, and why?
  7.  Did things take as long as you thought they would?  Shorter? Longer?
  8.  Include some discussion of decisions you made to make the game fun to play.
  9.  A link to a Javadoc page created from your source code comments.
  10. -  Comment all classes, and the methods and variables/constants that you think are non-trivial, or that are at all confusing/interesting (you wouldn’t have to comment a method like “getTranslation()” in a tracker class, for example, since all it does is return the value of a variable)
  11.  Include user instructions in your game’s Help.
Remember, most large programs are never completely finished -- they are just released. Fight the temptation to continue adding functionality while neglecting to document the work that you have done.  
All your project materials must be viewable from your Project web site by 11:59:59 PM on Wednesday, August 8th.
...also, don’t forget to submit your game via Ambient in Eclipse! (only one team member needs to do this)
Evaluation Email
if (yourTeam.length > 1)
    Send me a private email evaluating your team members. Keep it brief, but include a percentage
    rating for each member, including yourself, indicating each team member's overall contribution
    to your project.