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APPLICATIONS for SUMMER 2016 Workshops are now OPEN

March 18, 2016: Accepts went out today. We had many more people apply then we could accept. We usually take people off the waitlist as plans change.

In Summer 2016 there will be two workshops. One is a two-week beginner workshop in June 2016. It may include a shorter followup workshop the following summer. The second is a 2-day followup workshop for those teachers who previously attended another one of our workshops.

Preference is given to NC teachers, but we do reserve a few spots for teachers outside of NC. The deadlines to apply are listed below. Our workshops usually fill up. Plans change and every year we take several people off the waitlist, so apply even if you are past the application date.

Thanks to funding from NSF and IBM, funds are available for lodging for both workshops. Lodging will be provided assuming you will share a two-bed hotel room. If you want your own hotel room, you would need to pay half and stay at the conference hotel.

2016 Two-week Beginner Alice Workshop

There will be a two-week introductory Alice workshop in summer 2016. We may have a shorter followup workshop in summer 2017 that you can attend. The dates for this workshop are the following:

  • Summer 2016: June 20-25, 2016 (Mon-Sat) and June 27-30, 2016 (Mon-Thu)
    (8:30am-4pm, end earlier on Saturday June 25 and Thursday June 30 at 3pm)

More Detail on the workshop.

The workshop is for middle and high school teachers of all disciplines to learn programming using the Alice programming environment and to determine how to integrate Alice into their discipline. No prior programming experience is needed. Examples of integration include 1) creating Alice worlds for presentations, 2) creating interactive Alice worlds for students to use to learn concepts, 3) for students to create an Alice world for a project, or 4) for students to use Alice for problem solving. In addition to Alice instruction, teachers will have time to experiment with concepts learned and time to develop lesson plans integrating Alice into their discipline.

Here are examples how others have used Alice in different disciplines. For language arts, students have created book reports or animations of stories or poems they have written. For history, a student created a story about a historical bridge. For spanish, a student created an interactive cooking demo in which ingredients to make banana bread are placed on a table, and students must follow the spanish instructions to move the ingredients in the correct order into the mixing bowl. For science a teacher created a story about how hot spot volcanoes are formed. For music, a student created an interactive quiz in which you hear instrument sounds and you must enter in the name of the instrument. For math an animation was created to show how variables are used in algebra. Also for math students can use Alice for problem solving.

This workshop will most likely use Alice Version 2 which is very stable for K-12 students. Alice 3 will be demoed. A decision on the version will be made at a later date.

  • There is no charge for the workshop.
  • Funds are available for lodging if you are not local. This assumes you will share a two bed hotel room. Funds are provided for Mon-Last Friday. Funding is provided for Saturday night between the two weeks.
  • Lunch is provided.
  • A small stipend is provided after lesson plans are turned in.
  • Continuing Education credits are provided. We will provide a certificate stating the workshop and the hours you attended.

Click here to apply for TWO-WEEK BEGINNER Workshop in JUNE 2016

NOTE: Our workshops fill quickly, but we usually take some people off the waitlist.

Note that the application is a link to a "google docs" form page, so your computer must not block

The deadline to apply is March 7, 2016. We will continue to take applications after that date. We usually fill up but there are always some who get in from the wait list even as late as April and May sometimes.

2016 Two-day Followup Workshop, for Previous Attendees

We will be holding a two-day Alice Followup Workshop on June 14-15 at Duke. (NOTE WE CHANGED THE DATE). The purpose of this workshop is for teachers who attended the June 2015 workshop (or another beginner workshop) to get together to present to other teachers how they are using Alice and to hear about new Alice materials being developed. We also are interested in getting feedback from teachers on developing future materials.

Space permitting, teachers from previous workshops who are using Alice can apply to attend, especially those from Duke workshops who were not able to attend their corresponding followup workshop.

The schedule would be 8:30am-4pm Tuesday and 8:30am-3pm on Wednesday and 12 hours of CEU credits.

The workshop will pay two nights housing if you share a room (or you pay half if you have a private room), breakfast and lunches.

Click here to apply for the two-day FOLLOWUP Workshop in JUNE 2016

Note that the application is a link to a "google docs" form page, so your computer must not block

Deadline: March 15, 2016, though we will continue to take teachers after that date until we fill up.