*ambient 1.0

running a project with the ambient perspective

    Before submitting a project as final, you should always make sure it runs. For a project to be able to run, at least one of the classes will have to have a main method. Now all you have to do is select the dropdown menu with the icon Ambient Run and choose Run Application (or whichever type of program you are working on). Depending on the type of the application, you will either see a new window pop up, or you will see some output in the console window (bottom right).

console window

    The console window will show you all output generated by your program. If you double-click on the console window title bar, you will maximize the size of the window. Another double-click will return it to its original size. Moreover, the window will also allow you to input information. Simply click in the window and start typing. When the program is finished, it will display the word terminated in the window title bar. If your program is stuck or you would like to terminate it for another reason, you can right-click in the console window and select terminate.

multiple main methods

    You may have multiple classes with main methods in the same project. Java can only run one main method at a time. If you select a project that contains multiple main methods, you will be prompted to select which one you would like to run.


Last Update: 28 June 2004