*ambient 1.0


The Ambient toolbar is easy to use:

It contains several buttons needed for handling programming projects:

  • Run and Debug options
  • Checkout and Checkin Project
  • Recovery of a previous checkin
  • Submit and Submit History Tools
  • Browse Sites Tools (Snarf)

student documentation

Choose from the topics below or download the pdf file.

professor documentation

A directory structure needs to be set up for optimal use of all Ambient/PROF features. Information on how to set up course, projects, groups and student directories can be downloaded as a pdf file.

The scripts are available through CVS at /afs/acpub/project/cps/eclipse/cvs as ScriptsProject.

You can browse information on how to:

or download the pdf file.

apt documentation

Read the documentation available on using the APT engine.

server documentation

If you need information on running a course server, take a look at the documentation available.


Last Update: 18 January 2005