Spam filtering using Procmail

The CS department uses the procmail program during the initial processing of all incoming e-mail. Users on the department systems may also set up their own procmail rules to filter spam. Note that users do not need to run spam tagging commands, as many online help pages show; this is already done on the CS systems by default. Users only need set up rules to take actions on the already-tagged spam. Below are two common rules which users can add to their .procmailrc files.

To move spam to a SPAM folder:

# Procmail rule to filter spam to SPAM folder
* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes

To delete spam:

# Procmail rule to delete spam
* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes

On newer computer accounts, we're supporting a somewhat more sophisticated default procmail spam filtering setup. This can be easily retrofitted to older accounts. Please see our Default Spam Filtering for User Accounts page for details.

For the latest versions of our prototype .procmailrc files that are copied into new accounts, please see the directory /usr/project/support/dotfiles/procmail/ .

Please feel free to contact the Lab Staff for assistance.