Account Closing Policy

The guidelines in this document will hopefully help departmental account holders to understand the process better and alleviate concerns about the loss of files and disabled access to their CS accounts.

Membership of the CS department is in a constant state of flux: new students, both graduate and undergraduate, arrive and leave. Undergraduate students move in and out of the department when majors change. Recent graduates return as research collaborators. As such, the Lab staff must maintain a constantly changing list of accounts. We try to strike a balance between ease of use for the account holders and the management and resource demands of maintaining the accounts.

It must be remembered that each account incurs resource costs, as well as security risks, and therefore accounts cannot simply be allowed to accumulate without bound.

Account are closed in batches, typically in the spring and fall of the year, as the Lab staff workload permits. The process has been set up to occur in an ordered fashion, with a premium placed on preserving user data. Departmental members whose accounts have been scheduled to expire should take note of the process outlined below.

Prior to closing

After the grace period expires

We hope that this explanation will help to clear up any misconceptions about the account closing process in the CS department. If you have any questions please contact the Lab staff.