Computer Science 296.4
Topics in Computational Structural Biology

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Some other papers you may read
  1. Here is a useful bibliography of papers (and PDFs) in the area of this course.

  2. Whitepaper on Advanced Computational Structural Genomics (read the long version, not the "lite" version).
  3. Fast detection of common substructure in proteins, P. Chew, K. Kedem, J. Kleinberg, and D. Huttenlocher (RECOMB'99).
  4. Rick Lathrop Lab Other papers we may read include:
  5. Date: TBA

Some Useful References for the Course

Protein Science


Cell Biology


  • BioComputing, for the VSNS-Biocomputing Division Course
  • Biology, developed by Shane Crotty, MIT
  • Course/Tutorial on Cell Biology, Mark Dalton, Cray Research
  • Principles of Biochemistry, Horton, Moran, Ochs, Rawn, Scrimgeour