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Project Submission Guidelines

Students in the course will be required to do a final project. We have helped you pick a topic, something you are interested in, and in a typical project, you will (a) implement, (b) analyze, (c) improve, (d) extend, or (e) apply (often more than one) the concepts from your chosen field.
For the submission of the final project, everyone is required to submit a 7-10 page final project report. The report should contain background information with appropriate references, should clearly state the problem, methods and results. If you will write code for your project, zip it and submit that along with your project report. Your final report should be a PDF from pdflatex, and we encourage you to include illustrative pictures and figures in your report.
Please indicate clearly if there is unpublished data in your report and we will take appropriate measures to protect it.
Please email your project report to your TA no later than May 6th, 2011.

Presentation Schedule

Date Presenter Topic Reading
March 30, 2011 Pablo Gainza-Ciraqui Belief Propogation and Protein Design Slides Chapter 25
April 1, 2011 Swati Jain Normal Mode Analysis. Slides Chapters 21-23
April 6, 2011 Mark Hallen Dead-End Elimination with Backbone Flexibility - BRDEE and DEEPer.Slides Chapter 12
April 8, 2011 Samuel Ramirez Ensembles Slides Chapters 12,24
April 13, 2011 Chittu Tripathy Pool - Algorithm for Protein Loop-Closure Slides Paper Chapters 15,16,17.1,18.1
April 15, 2011 Chetan Rupakheti Dead-End Elimination for Inhibitor Design Slides PyMOL Movie Chapters 11-12
April 20, 2011 Sterling Dorminey Distance Geometry Slides Chapters 31-32
Victoria Arendt Peptide Design Slides Chapter 9
April 22, 2011 Tanya Mitropoulos NMR - NOESY and Symmetric Proteins Slides Chapters 2,3,8,17.5,18.1.4
Carrie Ho NRPS and SVM Slides Chapters 10,12,27-28,46

For days with one talk: Talk Time - 50 mins, Questions -10 mins
For days with two talks (April 20, 22): Talk Time - 20 mins, Questions - 10 mins