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Topics Covered

  1. Introduction to Protein Structure and NMR
  2. Visualization of Proteins
  3. Visualization of Protein:Drug Interactions
  4. Protein and NMR Structural Biology
  5. MBM, SVD, PCA, and RDCs
  6. Principal Components Analysis, Residual Dipolar Couplings, and their Relationship in NMR Structural Biology
  7. JIGSAW and NMR
  8. Peptide Design
  9. Computational Protein Design
  10. Nonribosomal Code & K* Algorithms for Ensemble-Based Protein Design
  11. The Power of Exact Solutions
  12. NMR Structure Determination Algorithms Using Sparse RDCs
  13. Looking Under the Hood: How the Algorithms Work, and Outlook for Future Developments
  14. Proteomic Disease Classification Algorithm
  15. Protein Flexibility (1): Introduction to Inverse Kinematics & Loop Closure Problem
  16. Protein Flexibility (2): First and NMA Basics
  17. Protein Flexibility (3): ROCK and FRODA
  18. Protein Flexibility (4): Applications of NMA to Protein-Protein and Ligand-Protein Binding
  19. Generalized Belief Propagation, Free Energy Approximations, and Protein Design
  20. Distance Geometry: NP-Hard, NP-Hard to Approximate
  21. Graph Cuts for Energy Minimization and Assignment Problems (1)
  22. Graph Cuts for Energy Minimization Problems (2)
  23. Cross-rotation Analysis Algorithms
  24. Computational Topology and Protein Structure